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Nutrition Consult

Nutrition Consult

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Amy Reynolds has her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Houston. 

Whether you suffer from eating disorders, Crohn's, Colitis, other autoimmune, obesity, and more, Amy's program will ensure you are set up for success to live your best life. The only requirement: 100% commitment. 

Amy focuses on immune boosting nutrition support and gut microbiome support which leads you to more vibrance, energy and well-being. 

Nutrition is a many-layered science which is crucial to our well-being, our emotions and our brain health. Amy combines her expertise in food science, herbology, environmental awareness and emotional diet in order to curate a personal program designed for you to meet your goals. 

Contact Amy today for a brief, free consult to see if you are a good fit. If not, she may be able to recommend other amazing practitioners that will match your needs in a more optimal way. 

Amy is an Official PSYCH-K® Facilitator (2018) as trained by PSYCH-K® Founder Rob Williams and Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of NYT best selling the Biology of Belief.

Amy is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® (2014) facilitating the Grief Recovery Method® as taught by the Grief Recovery Institute®.

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