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PSYCH-K: Subconscious Belief Change Process

PSYCH-K: Subconscious Belief Change Process

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PSYCH-K is a fast, effective, painless modality which uses applied kinesiology to identify and replace subconscious beliefs which no longer serve your highest good.

I received only one session of PSYCH-K and was blown away by the quick results! I have experienced car sickness literally since I can remember. Amy met with me and went through some really important details that I never think about. She is professional and kind and open minded. I was skeptical, but I am blown away with how I feel in cars- I can read, look at screens, be positioned anywhere in the car. I actually can’t believe it. Thanks so much to Amy!  ~CLAIRE Sacred Valley Peru

Between the ages of 2-8 a child's brain is in Theta frequency. It's during this period that 95% of our subconscious beliefs are programmed into us. We then run this program of "reality" without the realization that we are not actually in control of our choices our subconscious programming is...

This would be a reason why we choose inappropriate life partners over and over again. This would be a reason for addictions, dysfunctions, relationship with money, self-worth, and other interfaces with society which may be less than optimal for your well-being.

Not all subconscious programming negatively affects us. PSYCH-K works on the ones we want to change. Keep the beliefs that bring you joy!

Amy Reynolds is an Official PSYCH-K Facilitator (2018) as trained by PSYCH-K Founder Rob Williams and Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of NYT best selling the Biology of Belief.

Amy has her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Houston.

Amy is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist (2014) facilitating the Grief Recovery Method as taught by the Grief Recovery Institute in Bend, Oregon.

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