The Original Climb On!™ Story

Hello and thanks so much for being here today! Climb On! the brand and Climb On! the product have gone through quite a bit in its journey to aid and support really dry skin and bad ass rock climbers all over the world. 

The Original Climb On!™ was conceived in my home in Boulder, Colorado around 1997. I was passionate about climbing and cutting my teeth on some of the most beautiful rock in the world out there! My sister, Polly Glasse (then Lisbon), was visiting me from LA and had begun dappling in her hobby for making herbal teas and concoctions from essential oils and the such. The concept to make a product for rock climbers came up after my boyfriend and I had had a long day on the rock. 

After some time and a few trials, I had the idea to make a solid balm form instead of a cream or salve. It would last longer, be less greasy and easier to use for climbers. My sister researched some recipes using books! Can you believe we didn't even have internet back then. Amazon was just starting and only sold books!

I came up with the name Climb On! because it's what you say to your partner to communicate when one is on belay (tied safely into the other climber) and the other is ready to belay you. The climber says, "Climbing" and the belay says, "Climb On!"

The name stuck and I proceeded to make a cute logo and some marketing materials. I would hand out little samples when I'd go climbing. One of the first people I gave a sample to was Lynn Hill the iconic climber who has set records and inspired young climbers all over the world. I also sold to some locally owned gift shops and natural products stores in Boulder. 

Climb On! Products, Inc. was officially born in 2002-ish. From there we worked our patooties off boot strapping the company to make the stuff and sell the stuff. 

We set up a warehouse in Wimberley, Texas and over the years took over the two adjacent spaces as well! We were growing!

It was around 2006 when pro climber, Beth Rodden called the warehouse to place an order. My sister who wasn't a climber and wasn't familiar the names in the industry didn't know who she was. But I did, and immediately took the opportunity to invite both Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell as sponsored athletes to the brand. It was exciting and honorable to be connected to someone like Tommy whose integrity is unwavering. He has since made quite a name for himself all around the world, most notably for the Dawn Wall project that took him years and lots of blood, sweat and tears to accomplish. Congrats Tommy!

In 2011,  my sister decided she wanted to run the company by herself and offer her husband a job. We were equal partners, owned equal shares of the company and in a not so honorable transaction, Polly got her wish. I've learned since, that working with family means you still need to have solid partnership agreements in place which I did not. As CFO and COO, I had taken the company to distributorship in 20 countries and created a profitable corporation. I was proud of the brand. It reflected my values of honesty, integrity and great customer service. Mostly, I got to work with and in an industry close to my heart and close to my own value system--rock climbing. 

Polly and Paul Glasse sold climbOn (the name and formula had been changed) to Clarus Corp in 2018. Polly and Paul left the company, and in early 2023, the brand was shut down all over the world. 

When I found out, I was devastated. The product and brand were beloved by loyal customers around the world. So I decided to revive the original Climb On! brand and formula so those who still wanted and needed the product would be able to get it. So that's where it is today! The Original Climb On!™ with the original formula (boosted!)

I am offering The Original Climb On!™ 1.0 oz Bar, 4.0 oz Lotion Creme and Face and Lip Tube. I also have my other gorgeous skincare line, biome™, a water-free, chemical-free, additive-free, super anti-aging set of products for those who are dedicated to a truly natural, chemical-free lifestyle. 

I really and truly hope you enjoy the high quality, totally pure ingredients that were the original intent. I hope hearing the actual and true story--the good and the bad--of Climb On! helps clear things up as well. This is the first place the true story of Climb On! has been told and it feels like the right time for truth to bubble up. 

Cheers! Amy